13th November, 2011 - Kawana (SE QLD) Re-union photographs

24h July, 2010 - Yorkey's Knob (Cairns) Re-union photographs

8th November, 2009 - Kawana (SE Qld) Re-union photographs

11th November, 2007 - Kawana (SE Qld) Re-union photographs

5th November, 2006 - Melbourne (Sandown) Re-union photographs

2nd November, 2005 - Kawana (SE Qld) Re-union photographs

3rd December, 2003 - Luncheon, Mai Lan Restaurant, Red Hill, Brisbane

2nd November, 2003 - Buderim Re-union photographs

coming soon - more photographs by others as well as the attendance list

3rd November, 2002 - Victorian Re-union photographs

11th November, 2001 - Buderim Re-union (SE Queensland)

OTHER (This section is for photos of micro, mini or midi social events involving ex-kiaps, all contributions welcome):

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