The march of progress now supplements, super cedes the original below Encarta solution with:


Google earth involves downloading a program from the above link and installing it on your computer, a simple, straightforward process.

I'm not too sure what is the better reference, I find Google Earth much more responsive with better "drill down" resolution than Google Maps, on the other hand, Google Maps have highlighted & named roads.

MICROSOFT ENCARTA (click on individual map cells to enlarge)

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102.jpg (101034 bytes) 202.jpg (41417 bytes) 302.jpg (20138 bytes) 402.jpg (28228 bytes) 502.jpg (54480 bytes) 602.jpg (19531 bytes)
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000.jpg (94640 bytes)

All credit to Microsoft Encarta Atlas for these maps, the village detail is as good as I've seen on any map I've had to work with in PNG (Bill/Steve, please don't sue me).

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